2022 Short Films

FFF is proud to announce the Shorts for 2022.


Each year we are proud to present a selection of short films submitted to our festival, juried by a panel of jurors. We greatly appreciate their contribution to this year’s festival.

View this year’s jury here.

Group A

Saturday 2:30 PM at Library

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Free Bird film poster

27 Children

Romania | 18 min | Drama
Daniel Wyland

Romania, 2019 – Based on actual events. 40-year-old childless kindergarten teacher visits her doctor to discuss lab results – and despite receiving answers to life- long questions, she discovers the repercussions of being raised in Eastern European communist block foster care systems.  Director Daniel Wyland.

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USA | 15 min | Documentary
Jessica Chriesman

Philoxenia is a short documentary highlighting the synergy between the Greek notion of philoxenia (“friend of the stranger”) and Southern hospitality, as expressed through Birmingham, Alabama’s Greek-owned restaurants.

Free Bird film poster

A White Heron

USA | 16 min | Drama
Keith Tippit

A young farm girl must decide between a white heron she’s seen and a likable hunter who wants to find the heron so he can add it to his collection of stuffed birds.

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NOLA Hustle, Side Hustle and the Back Up Plan

USA | 18 min | Documentary
Elizabeth Cavicchi-Bourg

Do your Hustle (and side hustle)…make a living doing what you love! New Orleans is a place unlike any other thanks to all the hardworking Hustlers who keep the show running.

Incurable Film Poster

The Plan

USA | 12 min | Comedy
Zac Luken

Here is an example of “the best laid plans of mice and men….”.

Group B

Saturday 4:30 PM at Library

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A Horse of Course short film still


USA | 14 min | Drama
Jaye Pniewski

Estranged brothers come together after the death of their overbearing father. Surrounded by decades of dad’s writings and memories, old wounds resurface as the brothers are faced with a life or death choice. Stars Michael O’Neill and Mike Pniewski.

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USA | 18 min | Romance
Jefferson Moore

An American grad student on holiday in Ireland encounters a local girl with a strong will.


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One for the Dog

USA | 20 min | Comedy
Rusty Enger

A man going through a rough patch has his spirits lifted after meeting a girl he feels he shares a connection with. When things don’t pan out as hoped, he has to get creative in order to find ways to spend time with her.


A Horse of Course short film still

The Phoenix

USA | 15 min | Drama
Regina Pigsley

After successfully acquiring superpowers, a young girl attempts to fix her parents’ marriage. In the end, she learns that superpowers can’t fix everything.

Clay short film poster

The Voice of Shadows

USA | 2 min |
Tom Varisco

A brief meditation on the dark world trailing us our whole lives and whispering something crucial we never quite hear.


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Ann Hodges: The Woman That Was Hit By A Meteorite

Netherlands |  min | Documentary
Jelle Havemans

In 1954, an Alabama woman was hit by a meteorite that crashed through the roof of her home. Despite turning Ms. Hodges into an overnight celebrity, the bizarre event marked the beginning of her tragic demise.