2021 Short Films

Sunday, Nov. 14th at 6 PM at Oak Hollow Farm

This year’s block of short films will be presented at the Drive-In event prior to the screening of 23 Walks. The shorts will be followed by a Q&A with the shorts’ filmmakers.

Each year we are proud to present a selection of short films submitted to our festival, juried by a panel of jurors. We greatly appreciate their contribution to this year’s festival.

View this year’s jury here.

Free Bird film poster


USA | 5 min | Animated
Michael Joseph McDonald / Joe Bluhm

A coming-of-age story of a boy with Down Syndrome who learns to navigate the world with a loving mother, an absent father, a classroom bully, and a life-long crush.

Free Bird film poster

Dear Lady Joan

USA | 15 min | Comedy

Jared B. Callan

Gary – laid off and not trying real hard to get a new job – decides to take advantage when an unexpected opportunity appears.

Free Bird film poster

Dirty Santa

USA | 11 min | Comedy
Mary Charles Ramsey

A light-hearted holiday film about two overly-competitive co-workers, Beau and Starla, vying for a job promotion at their boss’s annual Christmas party.

Free Bird film poster

Miss Responsibility

USA | 10:15 min | Comedy
Clint Till

A super-rich party girl has to prove to her Daddy that she can be a more mature adult.

Incurable Film Poster


USA | 8:42 min | Dramedy

Michelle Bossy / Josephine Cashman

Trina wants to tell the man she loves about the invisible illness she hides, but…

My Secret Garden film still

My Secret Garden

USA | 3:14 min | Comedy
Jackson Hill / Tom Varisco

A woman writes a letter to her long-dead husband and reveals a long held secret.

A Horse of Course short film still

A Horse of Course

USA | 14:04 min | Comedy

Jim Walker / William Byrd

A young wannabe cowboy travels far and wide with new horse developing a relationship with his new companion.

Clay short film poster


USA | 25 min | Documentary
Joseph Brennan
View Trailer

This doc short that takes place in Fairhope and follows local potter, Susie Bowman, and an eclectic crew of fellow ceramicists as they discuss and explore the craft, culture, and quirk of the down-and-dirty art form of pottery along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay.