Cross Creek Film Panel poster

Cross Creek Panel

Saturday 1 PM at Library

Timmy Thompson and Pajton Dauer

Cross Creek Pictures, a division of Cross Creek Media, is a premiere independent production company. Cross Creek Pictures works closely with top filmmakers to develop, produce, and finance feature films with broad market appeal.

Started by private business investors Timmy Thompson and Tyler Thompson in the fall of 2009, Cross Creek Pictures’ films have grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide and have been nominated for 13 Academy Awards, 14 Golden Globes and 23 BAFTAs; including 3 Academy Award wins, 3 BAFTA wins, and 2 Golden Globes wins.

Through strategic partnerships with major studios, agencies and foreign sales companies, Cross Creek Pictures produces studio-quality films, offering A-list filmmakers and talent the opportunity to partner with a financier that fosters an environment where both creative and financial decisions are made in a symbiotic manner.

Sounds of Genius film panel poster

The Sounds of Genius: An Introduction to the History of Music in the Movies

Saturday 10 AM at Library

Jay Dean, Symphony Conductor

This lecture is a brief overview of the composers who have made cinematic history by writing film scores for Hollywood motion pictures. Music is a such a very important part of filmmaking, and this lecture will touch on music that has been used in movies from the silent era all the way through the use of synthesizers, samplers, and computers in scoring film in the 21st century. Attendees will leave with an awareness about the contributions made by Hollywood film composers from Max Steiner and Erich Korngold to Howard Shore and John Williams.