Shorts: Comedy


Friday, Nov. 15th / 4-5:34 PM  *with Q&A

94 mins

All Inclusive

DIRECTOR(S): Corina Schwingruber Ilic


Come aboard a cruise ship, a microcosm of society in a confined space: wealth and poverty, nature and artificiality, culture and commerce. Shot without commentary, often with a sense of the absurd.

Bad Assistant

DIRECTOR(S): Kyle Cogan


A devoted Hollywood assistant is pushed to the limits of what she’ll do for her manipulative boss, when he seeks her help in moving a dead body.


DIRECTOR(S): Jack Roussos


High school friends gather around for a ghost story they won’t soon forget. Created by Bayside Academy film students.


DIRECTOR(S): Stacey Davis


With her father dying of cancer, Helen has high hopes for the family’s last Easter together.

40 Minutes Over Maui

DIRECTOR(S): Michael Feld


In the middle of a peaceful Hawaiian vacation, a couple has to grapple with a crisis. It may not only affect their vacation, but also all of humanity for ever.


DIRECTOR(S): Mark Allen Davis


An eccentric member of a New York lake community mysteriously vanishes without a trace. A cautionary tale of what happens when good intentions collide with a rigid and unaccepting world.

The Adventures of Wonderboy

DIRECTOR(S): Marti King Young


When the nefarious Dr. Black threatens the future of Nashville, it’s up to Wonderboy to save the day.